About Us

NV Vent was established by Nicholas Veloutsos with the main purpose of bringing energy efficient ventilation solutions to the scandinavian people. In cooperation with Edmonds, the world leader in wind driven and hybrid ventilation products, we have brought a range of products to Scandinavia which will not only save you money, but will also improve your in home environment and all with little to no impact on the earths environment.

Edmonds have been researching and manufacturing ventilation products for over 75 years. During this time they have sold their Australian made products all over the World, and built up an extensive amount of technical expertise, backed up by their own and independent testing, to rival any private company around the world. Now finally with the help of NV Vent this inovative technology is available here in scandinavia. Here at NV Vent we pride ourselves in bringing you the best technology with little to no impact on our environment, saving you money and our planet.

Cooperating Parners

Edmonds and CSR

Edmonds was established by Neville Edmonds, a young engineer, in 1934. His goal was to produce the so-called S Rotor ventilator design – originally invented in Denmark - in Australia.
In 1981 the company was acquired by Norm McDonald, an industrial draughtsman with an established background working with ventilation products. Norm was later to invent the world renowned vertical blade Hurricane vent design. Through an association with the fibreglass business, Alsynite, whereby Edmonds assembled the Whirlybird and Alsynite marketed and sold the product, Whirlybird became a household name and the category was fully established by 1991.
In 1996, the Edmonds business was majority purchased by Cornelius Vanderstar, a U.S. industrialist of significant stature.
In 2004 Edmonds’ R&D team invented the world’s first true hybrid rotary vent. This invention, and the general financial performance of Edmonds, plus the potential to develop synergies between ventilation and insulation, prompted CSR to acquire the business in November 2005. Edmonds was fully integrated into the Bradford Insulation Group of CSR by the end of 2007.