Whatever the need, however large the requirement, we have a ventilator to fit. From our wind driven ventilators to the latest in technology with our hybrid models which can save you up to 80% in running costs compared to your conventional electric fans.

Different vents for different needs

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Moisture in your house or workplace, either in the attic, or under the floors can be a destructive force, causing wood rot, mould and mildew, and so contributing to household allergies. 

Roof space moisture is caused by the condensation of steam and moisture laden air when it contacts the colder underside of the the roofing material. This moisture can come from household exhaust fans from bathrooms and kitchens and combustion products from the burning of natural gas. The average family of 4 expels up to 12 litres per day of moisture laden air into their roof space.

Sub-floor moisture is usually caused by poor drainage, run-off, leaching or a combination of all three. Most homes with a suspended floor have some kind of ventilation slots or air grilles opening into the sub-floor, but because air movement is restricted by fences and adjoining properties, the air condenses and permeates into the flooring timber frames and wall linings. This can cause mould or mildew to grow on walls, ceilings, floors. Peeling paint on kickboards and architraves is another symptom of a damp sub-floor in your home.

We have a range of domestic ventilation solutions designed to help remove moisture from roof spaces and sub-floor areas.